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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 18, 2015
Robert & Korey McKay from Alabama along with Jerry McKay and Brian Free fished with us for 2 days. In those 2 days, Robert & Korey hooked 22 tarpon weighing from 90 to 160 lbs. Of those 22 they brought 9 to the boat for release. Jerry and Brian Jumped 35 from 45 to 120 pounds. A rather busy 2 days of fishing. The weather could have not been more perfect! They vow to be back in April to catch some more, but needed a break after those 2 days!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 16, 2015
Dr. Jorge Gonzalez from Florida, along with Warren Santander also of Florida, and Dr. Maurenth Alfaro from Costa Rica fished for a few hours one afternoon. They jumped 2 tarpon, one about 115 lbs. Dr. Maurenth Alfaro brought the 115 pounder to the boat for release, her first. Then she stated that only for a half day, it was worth it, and it probably would not be her last! Lots of sunshine, sunscreen a must.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 10, 2015
Guests from France, Bruno Moisset fishing, and Nadina just enjoying the visit had great weather with the exception of a couple of afternoons that were overcast with a shower occasionally. Bruno hooked andjumped 12 tarpon, but the hook was not set strong enough to get any of the tarpon to the boat for release.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 23, 2015
Ross Fenn came from Australia to catch a tarpon, and that is just what he did. He actually jumped 15 from 60 - 200 lbs. Of those 15 hooked, he boated and released 8 tarpon. He also caught 1 tuna, and 4 jacks. The weather conditions were gorgeous during the 6 days of Mr. Fenn's visit and the ocean flat, the last day we had rainstorms in the afternoon, otherwise, blue skies, beautiful sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 15, 2015
Ron Oswald, a many time repeat customer came to fish for 2 days. He wasn't able to get in the caribbean one of the days, but the other day, he fished the caribbean and hooked, boated and released 1 large tarpon weighing about 200 lbs. Randy Doolittle and Edward Larsen fished with us for 4 days. They jumped 23 tarpon between 90 - 170 lbs. Of the 23 jumped, they brought 6 to the boat for release. Frequent guests Bryan Saliba and Julia who enjoy backwater fishing as opposed to fighting big tarpon, caught 5 bluegill, 3 tiger, 5 viejito, 1 guavina, 6 sargentos, 28 mojaras, and 1 pinto. Pretty busy days of catching. Ray Waddell and Alicia jumped 3 tarpon, bringing 1 about 100 lbs to the boat for release. They also tired of the big catch, and went to the back waters where they caught 1 jack, 8 bluegills and 15 mojaras. NOW IS THE TIME FOR GREAT FISHING, come on down.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 8, 2015
Mr. Eduardo Pellas of Managua, Nicaragua and his friends Roberto Riguero, Felipe Mantica, Javier Downing, Alejandro Athaand Ricardo Maduro fished with us for 3 days earlier this week. They encountered one morning of pretty heavy rain, but otherwise, weather was decent, and fishing wasn't bad. They say they would have caught more fish if the weather had just been more cooperative that one day! Roberto and Felipe jumped 11 tarpon between 80 - 180lbs. They brought 5 of the tarpon to the boat for release. They also caught 1 jack. Javier and Alejandro jumped 7 tarpon in the 90 lb. range, they got one to the boat. Ricardo and Eduardo jumped 7 between 140 to 160 lbs. They brought 2 tarpon and 2 barracuda to the boat for release. The next couple of months have historically been great tarpon fishing months, with some good snook catches as well. Check out previous years September and October fishing reports. They are not the only good months for tarpon, but they are at the top of the list!! Come try for yourself.

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 24, 2015
Many time repeat guests Dr. Wally Lebrun & Aurora came for a short visit. They like to fish deeper waters. They jumped 2 jacks and a barracuda, and brought 1 jack to the boat for release. Mr. Donald Knox of New York City came for a short visit as well, he jumped 2 nice tarpon, but was not able to get either to the boat. The tarpon are rolling all over the ocean, but just do not seem to be interested in taking the bait. The slow bite might be due to rains we were experiencing. The rain fall should slow down considerably based on historical weather patterns.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 13, 2015
We've said many times it just takes a day, sometimes hours to make a difference. Our last weeks fishing report was full of anglers catching tarpon. This week we had 4 guests from Louisiana - Paul Cummings, Don Mouton, David Allemond and Jason Bodin were skunked, probably the day they left, the locals were catching boat loads of fish....They'll be back to try again because you just can't beat the accomodating staff, and the great meals prepared at the Lodge.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 6, 2015
WE HAVE A RECORD NUMBER OF JUMPED TARPON!!! 50 tarpon were jumped in 3 1/2 hours!! REALLY! Gregory Buck and David Winkler visited for a couple of days at the end of April. They jumped 77 tarpon between 130 to 170 lbs. Of those 77, they brought 15 to the boat for release. They also caught 4 sharks, and 1 jack. Regular guests Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora fished for 1 and 1/2 days. They were fishing for tuna and wahoo, but instead ended up jumping 2 tarpon, bringing one 45 pounder to the boat for release. They also caught 1 jack. The weather is hot, with minimal rain fall.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 6, 2015
Carlito Artmann & Isomar Martinichen from Brazil jumped 26 tarpon between 50 to 150 lbs. They brought 14 of those tarpon to the boat for release. They also caught 1 jack and 1 shark. Julio Cesar & Juan Porucini from Argentina jumped 41 tarpon between 60 to 200 lbs. They brought 22 tarpon to the boat for release. They also caught 2 jack, 2 barracuda and 2 sharks. Many time fly fishing guests Rick Murphy from Colorado Springs, CO was back after being away far too long due to shoulder surgery. Rick jumped 14 tarpon between 60 to 125 lbs fly fishing. He brought 3 of the tarpon to the boat for release, and he also caught 4 jacks. Welcome back Rick! Fujito Sugai from Japan jumped 20 tarpon between 90 to 140 lbs. He brought 8 tarpon to the boat for release. He also caught 2 jacks and 1 shark. Weather and fishing are red hot with very little rain fall.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 23, 2015
What a difference a couple of days makes. A group from Brazil fished April 18 - 21 and were able to jump 33 tarpon, they brought 11 tarpon to the boat for release. The ocean was still high, but anglers were able to get some reasonable fishing results! The weather is hot.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 20, 2015
Guest Dean Boen of San Francisco jumped 2 tarpon in 2 days, and was able to bring a 120lb. one to the boat for release. We had a film crew from the United Kingdom fish the same days and they were not able to hook one tarpon. Got a lot of nice footage, but no fish! Steven York and Beatrix fished during this same time, and had no luck catching tarpon either. Thomas Cramer of Marieta, GA and Scott Peeples of Canton, GA fished more days during this time period, and they were fortunate enough to jump 7 tarpon, but only were able to bring a 60 lb. fish to the boat. The tarpon were around, just not hungry for some reason. The ocean was high so most of the fishing was right at the mouth of back in the river.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 31, 2015
Repeat guest Brad Brown from Utah, brought a group of 21 anglers to the lodge for just 2 days fishing. in those 2 days, the total group jumped 140 tarpon and brought 69 to the boat for release. They also caught 13 jacks and some other species. Needless to say they had a great fishing experience. Shawn Creasey of Washington fished 3 days alone and jumped 13 tarpon bringing 9 of them to the boat for release. The tarpon caught this week ranged in weight from 25 - 190 lbs most all above 80 lbs. The weather has been good, and hot.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 24, 2015
Etienne Von Streng visited us from Switzerland with the anticipation of bringing tons of tarpon to the boat. Unfortunately a bit of distant volcano action caused the fish to travel far out to sea, so Etienne was only able to jump 13 tarpon, and unable to actually bring any of those to the boat. The weather was really good, with sunshine days, and warm evenings, with the exception on one night of heavy rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 16, 2015
Guests Tim Wintrode and Walt Bostain on a repeat visit found the fishing to be a challenge. The tarpon rolled all around the boat, but were not taking the bait. They left without boating any tarpon, but enjoyed really good weather. Then Jim & Lynn Adkins came in on the day Tim and Walt left. Jim & Lynn were able to jump and bring 2 tarpon to the boat for release. They too enjoyed good weather, and they caught fish!

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 24, 2015
Rick & Paul Marier of Powell River fished with us for 3 days, they jumped 8 tarpon between 40 - 105 lbs. They brought 2 tarpon to the boat for release. The day after Rick & Paul left, John Jellar & Mark Salansky of Kalispell, MT caught no tarpon. The sun has been shinning brightly and the weather warm, but the ocean high for the days John & Mark visited, thus making for bad fishing.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 17, 2015
Don & Machelle Evans from Naples, FL fished with us for a quick 2 days. In those 2 days they jumped 18 tarpon. They brought 4 tarpon to the boat as well as 1 barracuda and 1 jack. John & Mary Land from Burleson, TX. along with Pat & Dorothy Cunningham from Kenai, AK also came for a quick 2 days. John & Mary jumped 11 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat for release. They also caught 1 jack. Pat & Dorothy juped 10 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat for release. Dr. Artuuo Riebiro from Brazil, and Erik Larsson from Finland came one after the previously mentioned guest departed, unfortunately they did not catch any tarpon, but they'll be back!

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