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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 30, 2014
Laird O'Connor and Don Nishimura of Vancouver, BC Canada fished 2 days. They too experienced bad weather with heavy rain, and extremely rough ocean waters. They unfortunately were unable to hood any tarpon, but were able to catch a nice little fat snook.

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 22, 2014
Bruce McLeon and Helen Caron of Canada Fished with us at Rio Colorado Lodge during a rainy, time with river flooding and rough oceans. Even with the less than perfect conditions, they were able to jump 25 tarpon between 60 to 120 lbs. and brought to the boat for release 7 nice tarpon. They also caught 1 snook, and 3 white drum. We'll be posting a picture of one of the snook jumping, so check out the website for the new photo, and we'll also get up it up on our facebook page.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 31, 2014
Jim Dunne and Todd Itrich of Bartlett, IL fished 4 days. In those 4 days, they jumped 32 tarpon between 75 - 140 lbs. They brought 16 of those tarpon to the boat for release. In addition, they caught 4 jacks, 1 barracuda and 1 hammerhead shark! Repeat guests Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora jumped 6 tarpon between 60 - 70 lbs. they brought one to the boat for release. They also caught a 70 lb. sailfish, which is unusual for our area, and in addition, caught 1 barracude and 2 jacks. The weather has been perfect.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 19, 2014
Guests Annette, Trenton and Tanner Martin from Snyder TX visited in January, and came back in October to catch some tarpon, and that is just what they did. They jumped 34 between 100 - 230 lbs. They brought 6 to the boat for release, one estimated well over 200 lbs, and in addition, they caught 4 barracuda, and 1 jack. The large tarpon was estimated to be 230 lbs, but the scales on the fish were the size of a BIG mans large open hand! The weather cooperated, and rain fell during sleeping hours.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 12, 2014
Vladim Clusvev and Vradimir Antoshakenko of Russia fished Rio Colorado Lodge for 2 days. Unfortunately the fish were not biting on this visit, and they did not jump or boat any tarpon. One day later, Robert Wrigth, William Carwell and Mike Taylor of Helena AR had better luck. They jumped 4 tarpon between 60 - 100 lbs, and brought 2 of the tarpon to the boat for release, as well as caught 1 jack. Steven Busby from Australia was fly fishing, and jumped 14 tarpon between 100 180 bls. He brought 4 to the boat for release, plus 1 barracude and 1 jack. The ocean went up and down, some flat days. The weather is nice for October, some rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 29, 2014
Repeat Guest Sulyak Yuriy and Semenenko Serhiy from the Ukraine fished 6 1/2 days and jumped 60 tarpon between 60 - 180 lbs. They brought 28 tarpon to the boat for release. They also caught 1 jack and 1 triple tail. Stefan Felbinger of Denmark, and Richard Minney from Australia fished 4 days and mumped 32 tarpon between 100 - 150 lbs. They brought 7 tarpon to the boat for release, and 1 barracude. Greg Rose of Albuquerque, NM who had fished with us several years ago, returned for a short 3 day visit. Greg hooked 16 tarpon on a FLY ROD between 70 - 170 lbs. He brought 7 of those tarpon to the boat for release, as well as 2 jack, and 1 barracuda. The weather has been beautiful, with the only rainfall lately being during the night or early morning hours.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 20, 2014
We had a busy couple of weeks at the Rio Colorado Lodge, and although the weather was a bit rainy which is not at all normal for this time of year, the fishing was good. Many time repeat guests Phil Hoover and his son Matt from Naples, FL returned for another good trip. They jumped 30 tarpon and brought 10 of them to the boat for release. The tarpon were estimated to be between 115 - 200 lbs. Greg Stewart and Tim Perry from Canada jumped 18 tarpon between 75 - 150 lbs, and brought 9 of those to the boat for release. In addition, they caught 1 jack, 1 barracude and 1 shark. Another repeat customer guest Brad Swingdorf andhis friend Stewart Wilson from Inver Grove, MN fished with us for 5 and a half days. They jumped 31 tarpon between 100 - 170 lbs. They brought 8 tarpon to the boat for release. Gary Fielding, David Sargis, Jack & Scott Barnett from Idaho Falls, ID fished 3 days and jumped 15 tarpon between 65 - 160 lbs. They brought 7 to the boat for release, and in addition, they caught 1 barracude and 1 jack. Sebastiao & Lucia Mota of Brazil fished 4 days and jumped 18 tarpon of which they boated 10 between 65 - 170 lbs. Lucia spent some time fishing from the dock and caught many machaca. Greg Sprague & Bob Albrecht of Lincoln, NE fished 2 and a half days, and in that short time they jumped 16 tarpon! They brought to the boat and released 8 between 40 - 140 lbs. The weather seems to be getting better as the month goes on, and fishing continues to be good, probably even better next week!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 9, 2014
Repeat guest Gary Mellwig, Jr. brought his Dad Gary Mellwig, Sr. and his uncle James Geffear for his annual trip to Rio Colorado Lodge in September. September is always considered a great month because the weather is always great, and the fishing fantastic. The weather did not cooperate the first few days of the month. But these anglers were able to jump 10 tarpon, and bring 5 to the boat, the also caught 2 jacks. The best fishing day was of course their last day. And to add to the excitement, at one point they had a quadruple hook up, with the guide, and the 3 anglers all hooked into tarpon at the same time! WOW! Gary Sr. says he enjoyed his visit and will be back!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 5, 2014
Michael Mitchell and Javier Parreda from Peru fished Rio Colorado Lodge for a few days. They jumped 11 tarpon between 60 - 100 lbs. Of the 11 jumped, the brought 5 to the boat. They also caught 1 barracuda and 3 jacks. Ron Oswald from Prairie Eden, MN is a many time repeat guests. In his many trips to Rio Colorado Lodge, he has never been skunked. He fished 2 days, and did not bring one tarpon to the boat. He'll be back to make up for it.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jul 23, 2014
Gaute Gjelstein of Norway came to Rio Colorado Lodge for some tarpon fishing before going to the West Coast for some marlin and sailfishing. While at Rio Colorado Lodge, he jumped 17 tarpon weighing between 70 - 100 lbs. He brought 6 of those tarpon to the boat, plus 1 Bluegill. Despite the rainy days, Mr. Gjetstein managed to have a decent fish to boat ratio.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 19, 2014
Repeat angler Ron Oswald from Eden Prairie, MN came for a short 2 day fishing trip. Ron jumped 8 tarpon between 130 and 195 lbs. The brought the biggest one to the boat along with 2 others which were all released. We've had about an inch or rain in the last week. Lots of big tarpon in the area.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 12, 2014
Carlito Artman from Brazil along with friends Isomar Martinchen also from Brazil, and Julio Cesar Porucini from Argentina fished seperate boats. Carlito jumped 37 tarpon between 60 - 175 lbs. He brought 22 of those tarpon to the boat, as well as catching 5 jacks, 1 macerela and 1 shark. He had to be one tired angler. His buddies jumped 28 tarpon between 60 - 180 lbs. They had to double hook ups! They got 18 tarpon to the boat for release as well as catching 11 jacks, 2 barracudas, 1 macarela and 1 shark. The fishing and the weather are hot! The fish seem to be enjoying all the sunshine and are keeping the anglers very busy.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 5, 2014
Repeat guest Wally Jarboe of Dallas, TX jumped 6 tarpon and brought 3 to the boat. He also caught 9 jack crevelle. Roberto & Daniel Novey of Key Biscayne, FL jumped 8 tarpon between 60 - 150 lbs. They also caught 7 jacks and 1 barracuda. The weather is warm with very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 1, 2014
Ivan and Craig Faggen from Los Angeles, CA had a nice visit. They jumped 33 tarpon. One they jumped on a fly was a 160 pounder. Most others between 100 and 180 lbs. They brought 18 to the boat for release, as well as 1 barracude, 14 jacks, and 1 spanish mackeral. Viktor Taknov and Milana Valevskaya from Moscow, Russia jumped 12 tarpon between 50 - 100 lbs. They brought 2 of the tarpon to the boat for release. We have experienced morning rains, then dry sunshine filled afternoons.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 14, 2014
Guest from Texas, Mark & Andrew Morris hooked up 19 tarpon, and 1 jack crevelle. There are numerous huge tarpon jumping all around. The weather is been ideal for whatever pleases you!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 24, 2014
Guest John Adams, Bruce Smith, and Chuck Jenkins all from Clorado Springs, CO hooked and enjoyed the jumping of 21 tarpon weighing between 65 - 95 lbs. They brought 5 of those tarpo to the boat for release. The weather is absolutely beautiful, just need sunscreen!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 21, 2014
Terry Colton with his friend Chris Harter, and Chris's sons John and Joe enjoyed some good fishing. Between the 4 of them, they jumped 17 tarpon between 90 - 150 lbs, had a double hook up, and brought 5 tarpon to the boat for release. They also caught a jack crevelle. Sunscreen is a good idea this time of year, very little rain, and lots of sunshine!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 10, 2014
Tim and Becky Gardner of Woodinville, WA jumped 14 tarpon between 35 - 160 lbs. They had a quadruple hook up one day!! The brought 5 tarpon to the boat for release. You would think it is summer here already with the beautiful warm summer days full of sunshine, and the sunsets at 5:45 are just fantastic.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 17, 2014
Ron and Sue Monson, along with friends David and Cathy Sorenson visited from Minnesota. The husbands fished while the ladies relaxed. Ron and David jumped 18 tarpon between 90 - 135 lbs. They brought 8 of those to the boat for release. Robert Pascal of Easton, MD tarpon fished, as well as backwater. He jumped 2 tarpon about 120 lbs. of which he boated one. He also caught 2 snook, 7 bluegills, and 12 mojaras. Lawrence and Kathy Mueller from Roanoke, VA jumped 2 tarpon, they were not successful in getting either to the boat. However, their friends Charles and Patsy Houghton also of Roanoke, VA jumped 3 about 120 - 125 lbs. and brought 2 of those tarpon to the boat for release. After very little rain, we had a sudden rain fall, buckets full. Fortunatey it did not affect the fishing since it came and went very quickly.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 3, 2014
Guests John Kynsak and Rick Chalifoux from Calgary, Alta, Canada jumped 14 tarpon between 80 - 115lbs. and brought 2 to the boat for release. They also caught 2 nice snook. A small group from Moscow, Russia came for a quick one day fishing trip Andrey & Elena Pyatikov, Mikhail & Alisa Miroshnickenko, Ilya & Nadezhda Ogorodnikova enjoyed the day fishing but only were able to jump 2 tarpon, and catch 2 jack crevelle. The ocean is a bit high, but the weather is really comfortable, with very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 14, 2014
First time visitor Diane PErkins of Wellington, FL along with friend Santiago Barreyo of Buenos Aires, Argentina had a blast catching fish. They jumped 15 tarpon and brought 5 to the boat for release. Then Ms. Perkins went backwater fishing for 3 hours and caught guapote and mojares. The ocean was a ittle high, but fishing at the mouth was excellent. The sun just keeps shining all day long, with the rains coming during the nights.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 5, 2014
We had only one angler this week, but he made up for the last week when we had a much larger crowd, and had a great time doing so. Goran Klementsson of Sweden jumped 20 tarpon FLY FISHING, and brought 4 of those to the boat. The weather has been only sunny skies for the beginning of 2014.

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