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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 29, 2013
Igor Stolina and Dmitrii Lidkovski fromjumped and boated 1 tarpon about 50 lbs. Egor and Zakharov also from Russia jumped and boated 3 tarpons between 70 and 130 lbs. And more anglers from Russia, Igor & Mayya Arbuzov, along with Dmtry Arbuzov jumped and boated 1 tarpon about 100 lbs. Asian guests Masahiro & Yoshiko Kobayashi jumped 3 nice tarpon, were not able to get them to the boat. This year has ended with beautiful weather, and lots of fish. Unfortunately the fish were not particularly hungry for anglers baits this week. None the less, everyone had a great time, enjoyed the company and the fantastic food.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 10, 2013
Repeat guest Dr. Wally LeBrun from New Orleans came for a day and a half. He jumped 1 tarpon, caught 2 jacks and 1 snapper. A light rain in the early morning hours brought overcast skies for a day or so, with slightly cooler weather. Still really nice.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 7, 2013
We had a nice group of anglers from Brazil visit the first week in November. They had a fantastic fishing trip catching many tarpon, a nice large snook , jacks and a shark. Paulo Mendes, Mario Carneiro, and Silvio Feiber jumped 30 tarpon. They brought 7 tarpon to the boat between 75 - 120 lbs. One of these guys also caught a nice large snook. Luiz Borghetti and Celso Gallegario jumped 21 tarpon of which they brought 8 to the boat from 80 - 130 lbs. They also caught 6 jacks. Marcos Novais and Walter DeOliveira jumped 48 tarpon between 80 - 200 lbs. They brought 32 tarpon to the boat for release...what a work out! They also caught 7 jacks and 1 shark. The weather has been beautiful and the ocean flat.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 28, 2013
We had a film crew from Japan visit for a few days. They jumped 4 tarpon and brought 2 between 75 - 90 lbs. of those to the boat for release. Semenenco Serhij, and Yuriy Shulak from the Ukraine jumped 84 tarpon and brought 39 of those to the boat for release. The tarpon ranged from 100 - 200lbs!!! In addition, they caught 4 sharks. Maxim Korotkin and Alexey Chernysskov of Russia jumped 2 tarpon about 150 lbs. and brought one of those to the boat. They also caught a macarela, 1 shark, and 1 jack. The tarpon fishing continues to be hot, and the weather as well. Very little rainfull, and most of that during the night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 22, 2013
Another fly fishing angler from Austin, TX. Corey Bussard came for a quick visited. He hooked 6 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat for release. Corey's tarpon were both about 130 lbs. Gustavo Echeverri and family of Costa Rica jumped 9 tarpon, they were not able to get any to the boat for photos... Ralph Grisham of Daphne AL jumped 7 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat. His tarpon were between 110 - 140 lbs. The weather is a mix of sun and clouds, with the conditions continuing to be ideal.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 8, 2013
First time guest Miguel Bizzi from Argentina came to do some flyfishing. He jumped 7 tarpon on flies, and brought 2 of those to the boat. He also caught 2 jacks and 2 barracudas. A group of 6 anglers from Japan, Noriake Dobe, Mototoshi Aso, Yoshimoto Eiji, Sonamu Nishgaki, Mogi Yoichi and Atshshy Yagara enjoyed the tarpon fishing trip of their lives (to date). Between the 6 anglers, they hooked 91 tarpon of which they brought 12 to the boat, weighing 35 - 160 lbs. with the majority of them weighing from 130 - 160 lbs. They also caught 16 jacks, 1 shark, 2 bonito, 1 barracuda, 1 macarela and 1 sailfish. The weather and fishing continues to be fantastic with the calm oceans making flyfishing a much more successful adventure!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 2, 2013
What a great week for tarpon fishing!! Actually it has been a great couple of months. Rick Murphy and Howard Stringert from Colorado Sprigs, CO jumped 23 tarpon while fly fishing. They brought 10 to the boat for release. Tarpon were between 60 - 140 lbs. They also caught 5 jacks and 1 barracuda. Jerome Katz of New York, NY jumped 3 tarpon and brought 1 about 130 lbs. to the boat for release. He also caught 1 jack. Brad & Aaron Swingdorf of Inergrove, MN jumped 37 tarpon of which they brought 10 to the boat for release, and they caught 6 jacks. Charles & Jason Schwartz of Omaha Ne. and Joseph Jones of Lawson, MD together jumped 45 tarpon, 16 were brought to the boat for release. They also caught 5 jacks, and 1 barracuda. The ocean is calm, the weather just right with some refreshing rain in the late evenings.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 22, 2013
Father and Son, Phil and Drew Hoover, repeat guest to Rio Colorado Lodge from Naples, FL. had a great time fishing this week. They jumped 71 tarpon ranging between 50 - 210 lbs. They brought 26 of the tarpon to the boat for release. In addition, they caught 5 jacks, 4 barracudas, and 1 nice triple tail. Michael Michel and Alonzo Bustamamth of Lima Peru, also had a great fishing experience, so good they decided to stay an extra day. They jumped 80 tarpon between 40 - 170 lbs. Bringing 26 to the boat for release, as well as 3 facks, and 1 barracuda. The beautiful weather continues at Barra del Colorado, with nice summer sun, rain only at night, and calm oceans, filled with tarpon.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 15, 2013
Andre de Button of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had much success tarpon fishing. He jumped 47 tarpon between the 50 - 130 lb. range, and of those 47 he brought 15 to the boat to be released. In addition, he caught 4 jacks, and 1 barracuda. There is a great abundance of schools of tarpon, with them literally jumping in some boats. The weather is beautiful as it usually is this time of year, one of the most beautiful with very little rain coming early in the morning before we get out of bed.

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 24, 2013
Michael Yates of Houston, TX took the adventureous route into Barra del Colorado via the local bus and boat, and enjoyed 1 and 1/2 days of great fishing. He jumped 5 tarpon between the 60 - 130 pound range, and brought 3 of those to the boat for release. The weather has been a mix of sun, clouds, rain. The tarpon are seen rolling in as little as 2 ft. of waves....lots of them out there!

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 17, 2013
Dr. Wally and Aurora Lebrun on one of their many visits and possibly for the first time on any of their visits, did not catch any fish. They love the place and keep coming back, they know they'll catch fish next time! Albert Cutitto, and Mary Brown of Metairie, LA fished with us for 2 days, and jumped 6 tarpon. MARY brought one to the boat that was said to be a 120 pounder! Way to go Mary! We've had rain for a day, sun for a day, and vice versa....

Fishing Report Week Ending Jul 13, 2013
The weather has been a bit rainy and windy with rough oceans. Mike Zeyock of Ferndale, CA along with Eduardo Caillo of Costa Rica, came for a short visit. They jumped and brought 1 tarpon to the boat, as well as a barracuda. Father and sons Chris, Brayden, Brock Bagley, and David Whitehead fished for a day and a half without jumping any tarpon. They did catch a red snapper, and a jack. Better weather next week!

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 10, 2013
On a repeat visit, Dmitry Ivanov from Moscow, Russia jumped 9 nice tarpon, of which he brought 2 to the boat. The tarpon were in the 60 - 90 lb. range. Catching was a little slow this week compared to recent weeks, but this too will pass. The skies have been cloudy, overcast, and we've had some early morning rains.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 14, 2013
Miguel and Merna Fontes of Tucson, AZ on their first visit with us, jumped 19 tarpon 60 - 195 bls. They brought 13 of those to the boat for release. They also caught 2 jacks, 1 shart, and 2 small snook. Repeat guests Dr. Wally Lebrun & Aurura fishing deeper waters caught 3 wahoo, 1 tuna and 12 jacks. Johnny "Tom" Friesen of Atwater, CA jumped 56 tarpon between 50 - 190 lbs! He boated and released 18. In addition, he caught 10 jacks, and 1 triple tail. John Barker of Nashville TN came for a one day trip, and jumped 3 tarpon, he did not get the fish to the boat. Summer is still going strong. The ocean is flat most days, making it much easier for those with motion sickness! We are getting a little rain, mostly at night and early morning before sunrise. Days are bright and sunny with a nice breeze.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 7, 2013
Tarpon fishing is red hot!! James Hoffman of Miami Beach, FL came in for 1/2 day of fishing, and jumped 3 tarpon. He boated 1 tarpon about 95 lbs. and a nice jack. Arlindo & Gersino Tomasetto of Brazil fished 3 days, and jumped 22 tarpon. They brought 10 of those to the boat, ranging in weight from 80 - 180 lbs. They also caught a couple of jacks. M. Kostantin and V. Schmukler of Russia fished 4 days. They too jumped 22 tarpon, bringing 11 between 100 - 200 lbs to the boat, as well as 2 jacks, 2 sharks, and 1 barracuda! Giovani & Paulo Tomasetto of Brazil in 3 days jumped 17 tarpon between 100 - 180 lbs. They brought 10 of those to the boat. Repeat guest Philippe D'Have from Columbia with his brother Bernard from Belgium fished 3 1/2 days. They jumped 42 tarpon between 50 - 150 lbs, and brought 20 of them to the boat. Carlito Artmann fished with us for 4 days, and jumped 26 tarpon between 60 - 170 lbs. He brought 10 tarpon between 60 - 170 lbs to the boat, and also a jack. Vadim Magaev & Liubov Mackarenoko of Russia fished 2 1/2 days and jumped 13 tarpon between 80 - 190 lbs. They boated 10 of those tarpon, 4 jacks, and took a rest in the backwaters and caught a nice bluegill. The weather is full summer hot weather, with very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 26, 2013
Repeat guest Jim Dubrey of Billings, MT brought his new stepson Ricardo who is a 16 yr. old Costa Rican, on his first big fishing trip. The pressure was on since they were only visiting for one day. Well, it was something to see. While fishing up river Ricardo jumped a nice tarpon first thing, and after a good fight boated his first big fish, an 85 lb. fighter. On the charter flight back to San Jose, Ricardo got to ride co-pilot with a young Costa Rican pilot who had fished here with his Dad several years ago. The pilot arranged a special surprise for Ricardo letting him fly the plane for about 20 minutes. Thanks to the charter company for a great ending to a perfect day for Ricardo. Gary Karbusky and his son Gary Jr. of Avondale AZ and Coco Spas, CO fished three days and jumped 18 tarpon. They brought 5 of the 18 ranging in weight from 80 to 120 lbs. They also caught Jack, and Machacas on light tackle to take a break from the fighting tarpon. Check out the photos of the fish Gary and Gary Jr. caught. Look at the gallery page. We continue to have a lot of sun, and very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 8, 2013
Anthony and Anne Marie Kaiser of Atlantic Highlands, NJ fished 3 days fly fishing. They jumped 2 tarpon bringing none to the boat, but learned why the tarpon is the king of light tackle game fish. Anthony got a taste of the good fight and says he'll be back in the fall after a proper rest, recovering from the battles. The wather has been hot and dry giving the air-conditioners a work out too. Very little rain fall this week, less than an inch. The ocrhids and other beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 1, 2013
Bill Huntley of Englewood, FL. and Joseph Diaz of Plant City, FL took some time from their stay in San Jose to visit for a couple of days. They jumped 3 tarpon of which they brought 2 to the boat for release. They alsocaught 2 jacks and 3 mojarras. The Boone family of Alendale, SC visited for just one day, and saw tarpon, but jumped none. They alsosaw crocodiles, monkeys, and many types of beautiful birds... The skies were overcast with some rain this week, but blue skies ahead!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 25, 2013
Alan Jacobson of Ketchikan, AL jumped one tarpon during his visit with us. Jerry & Catherine Weing of Bilton, MO jumped 6 tarpon of which they brought 1 to the boat to release, the tarpon ranged from 70 - 90 lbs. In addition, they caught 7 jacks. Their friends Don & Rita Taylor of St. John, KS jumped 25 tarpon, brought 2 to the boat for release, and also caught 3 jacks. Their tarpon ranged from 90 - 150 lbs. Edward & Heather Marshal of Quesnel, BC jumped 11 tarpon in the 80 - 130 lbs. range. They brought 4 to the boat for release. They also caught 3 snook, 2 bluegill, and 1 machaca. Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora jumped 9 tarpon, they caught 2 barracuda, 3 jack, and 1 nice wahoo...see the photo of the wahoo on the gallery site. AND THE RECORD HOLDER FOR MOST TARPON JUMPED IN ONE DAY AT RIO COLORADO LODGE....Bradford Brown of Springville, UT jumped a total of 58 tarpon between 60 - 180 lbs. He jumped 42 of those and brought 12 to the boat in ONE day. His total brought to the boat and released was 18!! Way to Go Brad!! He also caught 2 jacks and 1 barracuda. The weather is very good! Maybe a good time to get out of the winter that is still active in the United States!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 12, 2013
We had a group of Japanese fly in for 7 hours of fishing, which just wasn't enough time for them to all hook a tarpon, they did catch 1 jack. Tom Kirkman and Ellen Dryke of Sequim, WA also experienced a slow day and a half of fishing. James & Caroline Goadhart of Sammamish, WA came for some fly fishing for tarpon and managed to jump one! They also caught 3 bluegill and 2 snook. The fishing had picked up since earlier in the week when the other anglers had little success. Still come cloudy mornings, then sunshine and hot afternoons, with colorful sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 3, 2013
Tom Brown of Roswell, GA., Jay Burwinkel of Allison Park, PA., Tom O'Malley of Athens GA, Duke Allyn, of Mento OH, Joe Bliss of Hinckley OH, and Kent Brockman of Milford, OH came for a quick one day fishing trip and jumped 4 tarpon, and caught 1 jack. Repeat guests Don Rutherford and Philip Putnam of Longmont, CO jumped 9 tarpon between 90 - 160 lbs. They brought 3 of those 9 to the boat for release, and also caught 1 jack. The weather has been a little cloude in the mornings, then warms up in the afternoon, with just few brief rain showers.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 24, 2013
We had a group of restauranteers from New York City, James Daigle, Kuty Shalev, Richard Fertig & Nat Milner, that came to do some brainstorming and fishing. The weather was a bit rainy for a lot of their visit, but some of them did hook tarpon and other species. James & Kuty jumped 3 tarpon and caught 1 jack. Richard & Nat jumped 10 tarpon between 75 - 130 lbs, they released 3, and also caught 1 jack. They enjoyed the food, atmosphere and comradarie. Many time repeat guests Wally Jarboe of Dallas TX found the fishing to start out slow, but before he left, he had jumped 14 tarpon between 50 - 120 lbs. The rain finally slowed down, and we are getting more into a summer pattern. Ray Arvo of Lake Zurich, IL jumped 13 tarpon between 90 - 160 lbs, and brought 2 of those to the boat for release.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 10, 2013
Joseph Coppedge and Gary Deal of Virginia jumped 5 tarpon between 120 - 160 lbs. they brought 4 of the 5 to the boat. They also caught 1 jack. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous with beautiful skies.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 20, 2013
Tarpon fishing was slow in the early part of the week for Peter and Sandra Gelfand or Corralitos, CA. and Arden Hoff of Oslo, MN. Mr. Hoff did catch 13 mojaras, 1 fat snook, 1 sargent, and 5 bluegill. Then the tarpon bite picked up, and Theron Swigard and Ray Carter of Harrison, MO jumped 6 tarpon, bringing 2 to the boat. They also caught 2 jacks, 4 mojaras, and 2 guapotes. It has rained off and on all during the week.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 6, 2013
Japanese guest Yukio Fujita fished hard for tarpon, but they were not biting. He did however, catch 2 nice jacks, 12 fat snook over 4 lbs, and 2 mojarras, and 1 blue gill. He enjoyed his visit with overcast skies and fantastic food!

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