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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 4, 2011
Repeat Guest, Tom Larkins of Brandon, MS fished 2 1/2 days and caught 35 Calba/Fat Snook ranging from 2.5 to 5 lbs. He also caught a nice Snapper about 6 lbs, and 4 White Drum. Heath Marak and Kevin Harris of Conroe, TX also fished 2 1/2 days and jumped 8 Tarpon. They caught 8 Calba/Fat Snook, 2 Jack, and 3 White Drum. The weather this December has so far been fairly dry, warm with a nice afternoon breeze.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 11, 2011
Guests Nowell May and Kaylee Jacobson from Colorado fished with us at Rio Colorado Lodge for 5 days, the jumped 37 tarpon and brought to the boat 9, plus 2 jacks and 3 snook. Carlos and Ramiro Gandulfo from Argentina jumped 10 tarpon, boated 1 tarpon and 3 jacks. Repeat guest Dr. Wally Lebrun made a quick visit for 2 days and boated 1 jack. More folks from Colorado, Leroy & Connie Schmidt visited. Connie did not fish, so Leroy fishing alone jumped 21 tarpon, and boated 8. We had rainy times mostly in the early morning hours, with absolutely gorgeous afternoons and sunsets. The ocean has been calm and flat.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 4, 2011
The weather has been sunny and hot....with the tarpon fishing continuing to be very good. Thomas Stropoli from West Virginia and Robert Reischi of Houston jumped 25 tarpon and brought 8 to the boat, the largest estimated to be about 150 lbs. They also caught 1 barracuda. Phillipe Jacques and Febienne Forestier, diplomats from France living in Costa Rica for an assignment visited the Barra del Colorado area and stayed at the Rio Colorado Lodge. Neither of these men had ever fished in their lives, but they decided to give it a try while visiting the Lodge. In one day, they jumped 6 tarpon and each of them brought one to the boat weighing about 95lbs@ Congratulations to both of them!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 30, 2011
Fishing in Barra del Colorado from the Rio Colorado Lodge continues to be really good for tarpon. In the days between October 21 - 28 with 5 boats in the water, a total of 127 tarpon were jumped, and 58 were brought to the boat, along with several jacks. Repeat angler Takayuki Usua from Japan with 3 other anglers, Hibiki Sakaguchi, Yuichiro Kato and Iwama Hiroakijumped 54 tarpon and brought 16 to the boat in 4 days of fishing. Guests from the Ukraine, Yuriy Shulak and Serhiy Semenenko, fished 6 days and jumped 34 tarpon, bringing 18 of those to the boat along with 8 jacks. Repeat guests Bruce Bosch of Oregon, along with another repeat guest Rob Gagnon of Oregon and Louis Ferreira of Washington fished 8 days. The 3 anglers jumped 40 tarpon and brought to the boat 24. These anglers also caught several jacks. The weather during this same time period has been great fishing weather with a flat ocean.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 23, 2011
Olivier Charpenter from Panama, and Daniel Mitov of Bulgaria fished with us at Rio Colorado Lodge, and jumped 41 tarpon. Of the 41 they jumped, 19 were brought to the boat. They also caught spanish mackeral and a shark. Wally Jarboe from Texas fished 4 days. Wally jumped 15 tarpon and brought to the boat 5. In addition, he caught jacks, a shark, mackeral and barracuda. Brian Saliba and Julia of Mississippi and San Jose on a repeat visit jumped 10 tarpon and brought 3 to the boat. In addition, they caught 19 mojarras, 7 guapotes, 1 snook, 8 tiger fish, and 1 jack. The weather has been warm and sunny during the days with rains arriving about 4:30PM. The ocean has been flat with excellent tarpon fishing conditions!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 25, 2011
Dr. Michael Saylor and his wife Cheryl in 2 days jumped 14 tarpon. Cheryl caught a beautiful yellow-fin tuna which was prepared by the kitchen staff and enjoyed by all the guests at the Lodge. They also caught 2 Jack Crevelle. Woodward Davis of Starkville, MS came for a quick 2 day visit. He broke his 12 wt. fly rod, but managed to boat 3 nice tarpon of the 18 he jumped. One of the tarpon boated was estimated at 190 lbs. Phil Hoover of Naples, FL on his 69th trip to the Lodge jumped 42 tarpon and boated 12 of those from 70 to 160 lbs. Not bad for a 83 year young guy!! Vincent Aurentz, a retired Dallas Police officer had waited 30 years from when he received a video about the lodge before making his visit this week. Vince jumped 11 tarpon, boated 3 from 65 - 130 lbs. along with 3 Jack Crevelle and a nice tripple tail that was had for dinner!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 18, 2011
We had a television host Johnny Hoffman, his cameraman Ezin Edward Bisson Filho, and 3 anglers Ricardo Columbo, Alexandre Cauduro and Luis Motta from Brazil visit to fish and capture on film! They fished 4 days, and between 3 anglers, they jumped over 130 tarpon!! They brought to the boat at least 15 tarpon, as well as 4 barracuda and 1 bonito. The tarpon ranged in weight from 65 - 180lbs. Host Johnny plans to make many return visits with more anglers!! Martin Livingstone from White City, OR came for 11 days. Martin planned to fish 5 of those 11 days, but the fishing was just so fantastic that he actually fished 8 days, and jumped 61 tarpon. He boated 15 and 1 barracude. His tarpon weighed from 65 - 150 lbs. Many repeat guest fished with Rio Colorado Lodge this week. One being Vance Faber of Glide, OR. Vance fished 3 days, jumping 11 tarpon and boating 3. Vance's guide estimated his largest tarpon at about 95 lbs. Rick Murphy on his second trip this year fly fishing for tarpon jumped 34. Rick boated 13 tarpon, 2 triple tails, 3 jacks, and 2 barracuda. Phil Hoover or Naples, FL and our customers with the most repeat visits to date, has so far jumped 23 tarpon and boated 10. But, Phil has 4 more days to fish, so who knows what his total will be!! And, Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora back this week caught 1 barracude, 2 jacks, 3 big eyed jacks, 3 tuna, 2 bonitos, and a wahoo. The weather remains beautiful, bright sunny skies, and calm oceans.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 11, 2011
Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora back again for 3 days, decided to fish for tuna. They caught 3 nice tuna, 1 bonito, and 2 barracudas. Repeat guests Brian Noreski & Gary Mellwig of Philadelphia, PA jumped 92, yes ninety-two, tarpon between 60 - 125 lbs. They boated 47 tarpon, 1 jack, and 3 barracuda. Father and Son, Ron & Travis Paulson, of Newport, OR. jumped 21 tarpon between 75 - 135 lbs. brought 5 to the boat, in addition to 2 barracuda. Luis & Rodelfo Siliano of Brazil jumped 16 tarpon btween 100 - 150 lbs. They boated 7 tarpon, 3 jacks, 5 machaca and 5 snook. Ron Oswald of Eden Prairie, MN jumped 9 tarpon weighing in between 90 - 165 lbs. He boated 3 tarpon2 jacks, 1 barracuda and 1 machaca. The tarpon fishing continues to be fantastic, as does the weather....we would just like to see a few more snook....Maybe next week!

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 28, 2011
New guest to Rio Colorado Lodge, Robert Stewart, Jared Aurlett, James Stewart and Bruce Wortham, all from Andrews, TX. fished 3 days with Rio Colorado Lodge. These guys released a total of 82 tarpon, but whose may have actually been more!! Each boat was said to have jumped 41, and one boat brought 18 to the boat as well as a small triple tail. The other boat brought 7 tarpon to the boat. The tarpon ranged in size from 80 - 200 lbs. So much fun!!! The guys said they had a fantastic time, and will be back with more friends soon. They "enjoyed the fishing, the lodging, the food, and the staff. What more could we ask for? The ocean has been flat, sunshine fills the skies all day long, just beautiful.

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 13, 2011
John & Joann Zander of Springfield, IL along with friends Alexander Hruby & Dominique Brasz fished with Rio Colorado Lodge for 2 days. John & Joann had never fished before! They jumped 12 tarpon, boating 2 of them as well as 1 barracuda. Their friends Alexander & Dominique jumped 5 tarpon and boated 3. The tarpon ranged in size from 65 - 130 lbs. The weather was bright sunshine, and gorgeous sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jul 17, 2011
Guests Brasck & Natalia, Sergyi & Veronica Larin from the Ukraine chartered a plane from the West Coast to the Caribbean Coast for an afternoon of fishing. In 5 hours, the 4 had jumped 14 tarpon and boated 2. It has been raining in the early morning, but usually by fishing time the rains have ceased, and the weather very nice. Temperature between 78 - 84 degrees most days!

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 27, 2011
Repeat customer Tim DonLevy of Indiana, and Mike Rankey , of Illinois visited for a day and a half of fishing. In the short period of 1 1/2 days fishing, they jumped 9 tarpon and boated 3. Mary Metcalf of Punta Gorda, FL, and Ruth Smith from the Bahamas visited for 3 days of fishing...Mary had the winning bid on the Ladies Let's Go Fishing Auction...the ladies jumped 8 tarpon, but boated none. The weather switched up and the fishing slowed for their visit.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 15, 2011
Repeat guest, Dr. Wally Lebrun fished 2 days and caught 4 Jacks, and 2 Barracuda. Other repeat guests, Bruce Bosch of Vancouver, and Rob Gagnon of Oregon visited for 6 days, they jumped 22 Tarpon, boated 7 and 1 Barracuda. The weather in Barra has been the best summer most residents can remember.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 6, 2011
The Rio Colorado Lodge hosted another group of anglers from Russia. The group of 11 anglers hooked 106 tarpon, and boated 25. They also caught several jacks, bonita, barracuda and tuna. The weather has been warm with beautiful sunny days.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 22, 2011
Many time repeat customer, Phil Hoover, 82 years young, from Naples Fl. fished 7 days and jumped 69 tarpon. Phil boated 30 of those tarpon weighing between 80 - 160 lbs. Phil also caught a nice triple tail. Dr. Gustavo Nero Mitsuushi from Brazil fished 4 days and jumped 46 tarpon. The doctor boated 23 tarpon, 2 barracuda, 2 jacks, 1 shark, and one 12 lb. snook! The weather continues to be beautiful, with clear blue skies.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 8, 2011
Yoshihito Urakami of Japan was able to make his long planned trip in spite of all the disaster his country is enduring. Yoshihito was fly fishing and jumped 17 tarpon of which he boated 7 in the 70 – 90 lb. range. Akira Matsui of El Paso, TX on a fast one day trip May 4th jumped 2 tarpon landing none. He arrived just one day too late for the big bite on May 3rd which was his original planned day of arrival. The weather has varied from sunny skies to overcast with light showers.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 1, 2011
Tim Emory of Gulf Breeze, FL visited the Lodge for 2 days. He jumped 1 tarpon, but did not get it to the boat. He did however, bring to the boat, 7 sharks, and 1 jack. Rio Colorado Lodge then hosted a group of 10 Russians that fished 6 days. They jumped 348 tarpon, and boated 97 weighing between 60 to 170 lbs. In addition they caught jacks, sharks, and barracuda! The weather was simply beautiful. The Best Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 24, 2011
We had a crew of 3 from Malaysia visiting last week. Leong Wei Loong, Lew Wei Sin, and Tong Chee Hoe….these guys shot some fantastic video during their exciting fishing trip! They jumped 25 tarpon, boated 4 ranging from 50 to 150 lbs. They also caught Jack Crevelle, and Machacas. Hopefully we’ll get a short video of their trip on our website soon. Ed Praskiewicz came over from Escazu, Costa Rica and in 3 days jumped 22 tarpon, boating 10 ranging from 80 to 180 lbs. NICE BIG TARPON!! The weather and fishing conditions have been gorgeous, both in the ocean and the river.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 28, 2011
Michael Rugg and Barbara Sarver of Berlin, PA fished 2 days and jumped 4 tarpon, bringing a 140 lb. to the boat. They also caught a nice barracuda. Edward Rensing from Florida and Eric Seidenberg of Montclair, NJ fished one day and jumped 16 tarpon. They boated 2 tarpon one about 85 lbs, and the other 110 lbs. Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica doesn't get any better.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 21, 2011
John Shari of New Jersey visited again, and brought his son along! They fished 5 days and jumped 16 tarpon and brought 6 to the boat. They also enjoyed some time fishing with light tackle in the backwaters, and had great results! Anthony Milam of Houston came in for a one day break from the Four Seasons Resort on the Pacific Coast, they needed a little change of pace!! Anthony brought his son Hunter and daughter Ashley! Twelve year old Hunter boated a 150 pound tarpon on his first tarpon trip just at sunset. Way to end the day!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 14, 2011
Repeat customer Rick Murphy from Colorado Springs, CO visited the Lodge again. He says it is now his “second home”. On this visit he brought his 2 sons. We didn’t get a hook up/jumped number, but there were several tarpon on the line, and a photo of one brought to the boat can be found on the photo gallery! Rick plans to return again in September! Our Costa Rica fishing reports say it all!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 7, 2011
Tom Gerlach, Thomas Folsom and Mark Wolf of Wisconsin jumped 35 tarpon, boated 7 tarpon and 6 big jack crevelle.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 27, 2011
Jim Mettler & Carroll Preszler of California jumped 11 tarpon and boated 4. Fred Shilling fishng just one day boated 1 nice jack. Claude Cutitto & Mary of Metarie, LA jumped 12 tarpon and boated 1. Dr. Wally LeBrun and Aurora enjoying the backwaters caught 2 snook and 1 red snapper. Howell Riggs of Brownsboro, AL jumped 5 tarpon, caught 1 jack and 4 barracuda.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 20, 2011
Koslon Rostislav of Moscow Russia jumped 9 tarpon. Savvy fishermen from all over the world choose the Rio Colorado Lodge for the best Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 30, 2011
Roy Haskell, Duff Smith and Ed Moore of Arizona, returned to Rio Colorado Lodge for another great fishing trip. Ed jumped 4 tarpon and boated 1. In addition he caught 3 snook, 5 jacks, and several machacas. Duff & Roy jumped 2 tarpon and boated 1. They also caught jack fish. Theron Swigart & Doug Vergoven of Missouri had their hands full. They jumped 23 tarpon, and boated 4. They also caught snook, mojarras, jack and pinto. Steve & Leslie Walrath of California jumped 5 tarpon. They caught several jacks.

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