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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 25, 2010
Brian & Julia Saliba, frequent guest at Rio Colorado Lodge that prefer backwater fishing, caught 13 snook, 4 drum, 2 guapote, and 15 viejitos, as well as others they did not keep count of!! Michael & Mary Oritt of St. Leonard, MD jumped 3 tarpon and boated 1. They also caught 5 jacks and 5 snook. The temperatures have been a bit cool for our area, but the weather has not seemed to slow the fishing down much.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 21, 2010
Louis Ferreira of Yacolt, WA and Jim Irwin of Portland, OR. Jumped 19 tarpon and brought 8 to the boat in one and a half days of fishing. The tarpo ranged from 100 to 160 lbs. Tom Anderson of Ridge Fiklo, WA and Bruce Bosh of Vancover, WA jumped 16 tarpon and boated 3. Bruce caught his first 2 tarpon on flies. Their fish were from 140 to 150 lbs. The weather continues to be nice, and the seas calm.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 14, 2010
Repeat guest Wally Lebrun fished 3 days. Wally caught 3 snook and 6 jacks.. The weather has been nice, and the seas very calm. Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing is simply the best!

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 7, 2010
First time guest Thomas Jeter and Louis LaPeyre of South Padre Island, TX. fished with us for 3 days. In those 3 days they jumped 8 tarpon, and brought 2 to the boat. They also caught jack crevelle, and 12 Calba Snook, and 1 white drum. The largest tarpon was about 120lbs. On a quick one day trip, Anthony Holm of Austin, TX and Pamela Julian of San Antonio, TX jumped 5 tarpon and brought one about 100 lbs. to the boat in a half day of fishing! Their friends Arnulfo and Melissa Ortiz, also on this quick visit jumped 3 tarpon and boated one. Arnulfo had visited the Lodge several years and ago, and brought Melissa on this trip for her first ever fishing trip!! Melissa hooked a tarpon on her first cast and had it to the boat in less than 5 minutes! She then got a bit sea sick and retired to the dock to rest and enjoy a tall umbrella drink! Quite a feat for a first timer…..CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA!! Come back soon with some Dramamine!! The couple of days rain brought the river up, and so the Calba Fat Snook are in the area now. If you are a snook fisherman, book your trip now for a visit before the end of January!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 31, 2010
Repeat guest Tim DonLevy jumped 11 tarpon and boated 7 in the range of 100 – 120lbs. He also a caught a barracuda. The ocean has been calm due to the very light breeze from the mountains. The weather summer sunshine!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 24, 2010
Don Stern and Larry Pokrywka of Littleton, CO fished 3 days. In those 3 days they jumped 38 tarpon, boated 7 and 1 jack. The tarpon ranged 120 – 130 lbs. Jesus Leal Garcia and Luis Gonzales Mancha of Mexico fished 2 days and jumped 8 tarpon. They brought 1 tarpon to the boat as well as 3 jacks. A short lived cool front gave us a couple of slow days fishing, but now it is back to being red hot fishing, and the weather is great!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 17, 2010
Chihiro Kurozumi Takamatsu of Japan fished with us for 4 days. He jumped 14 tarpon and boated 5 nice size tarpon 70 – 120 lbs.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 10, 2010
The tarpon fishing as well as the weather continue to be fantastic. Luis Miguel Lopez of Portugal fished with us for 7 days. In those 7 days he jumped 66 tarpon, and boated 25. They ranged from 50 – 170 lbs. He also caught 3 jack. Marcus Muller of Spain fished 7 days and jumped 33 tarpon, boating 13, also in the 50 – 170 lb. range. Dr. Wally Lebrun fished 1 day and caught 1 barracuda. We expect the weather and fishing to continue to just be fantastic

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 3, 2010
We had a Japanese television crew filming for 3 days, in those 3 days they jumped 27 tarpon between 50 – 120 lbs. They brought 5 to the boat. Additionally they caught 1 baracuda, 3 mojarras, 1 sargents and 1 shark. Rick & Andy Carmack on Missouri fished 4 days. They jumped 66 tarpon big tarpon ranging from 110 – 190 lbs. They brought 14 of those to the boat, as well as 8 jacks, 1 shark, 15 bluegill and 2 sargents. Josh Miller fished 4 days and alone jumped 62 tarpon. He brought 15 tarpon to the boat, 6 jacks, 1 triple tail, 3 bluegills, and 1 snook. The weather has been just as fantastic as the fishing.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 26, 2010
Dr. Wally Lebrun and his wife Aurora fished off shore only, they caught 1 wahoo, 7 jack crevelle, 3 yellow fin tuna and 3 barracuda. Repeat guest Jim Croner, fly fishing only for 2 days, jumped 6 tarpon and boated 2. One about 100lbs, the other 130 lbs. Carl and Stacy Everett of Conroe, TX on their 5th visit with us, fished 3 days. They jumped 13 tarpon, and boated one about 150lbs. They also caught triple tail, 3 snook, and several mojarra while fishing light tackle in the back waters. Another repeat guest, Wally Jarbo of Dallas TX with his son, Wally Jr. of Auburn, AL jumped 28 tarpon and boated 5, along with 5 jack crevelle. Their largest tarpon was about 140lbs. First time to Rio Colorado Lodge guest Steve Palmo and Mitch Wergills of New York, jumped 23 tarpon, boated 9 that were 120 – 180 lbs. The weather has been real nice, seas flat. We get an occasional shower at night. The river is on the rise from inland rains. Due to La Nina we anticipate at least 30% less rain than normal has been predicted, and that has been the case so far. We expect great weather and fishing for the next months!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 19, 2010
The fishing and weather at Rio Colorado Lodge has just been fantastic. Last week we had 4 anglers from Japan fishing with us. In 5 days the anglers jumped 143 tarpon, and boated 44 weighing between 60 and 180 lbs. We also had 4 anglers from North & South Carolina fishing with us for 2 days, they jumped 40 tarpon, and boated 12. In addition to the anglers from Japan, and Carolina’s, we had a repeat guest from Colorado Springs fishing alone and in 4 days he jumped 36 tarpon, and boated 13 as well as a nice 20 lb. triple tail. And another repeat angler fishing alone for 2 days, jumped 12 tarpon and boated 3.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 12, 2010
The tarpon fishing and weather continues to just be fantastic. Unfortunately we did not have more guest because the tarpon were numerous. In just 3 days, 3 anglers jumped 57 tarpon and boated 13, plus some nice size jacks. The tarpon ranged from 90 – 180 lbs. We expect tarpon fishing to continue to be great, as well as the weather which has also been fantastic!

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 8, 2010
Brett Ionn of Sydney, Australia fished alone for 3 days. He jumped 13 tarpon and boated 2. Additionally Brett also caught a nice barracuda. Five more anglers came in later in the week, and had a great time. They had 83 tarpon in the air, boated 23, as well as a few jacks and a snook.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 13, 2010
William & Bryant Walker of Jackson, MS fished with us for 3 days, and in those 3 days they jumped 41 tarpon and boated 16. They also caught 4 nice jack, and a barracuda. Some lawyers visited for a day and fished in the afternoon for about 2 hours. In those 2 hours they jumped 6 tarpon, but were not able to bring any to the boat. The weather was overcast with some rain, but most afternoons were filled with sunshine.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 16, 2010
Long time repeat guest Phil Hoover from Naples, FL spent some time at the Lodge this week. Phil wasn’t as successful on this visit as he has been in many of the past. He jumped 7 tarpon and boated 3. The weather is pretty consistent this week with rain in the very early morning hours, then hot and muggy, with an occasional afternoon shower.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 25, 2010
Dave Nielson of Hailey, ID, Lawrence Zohn of Castle Rock, CO, David Dunwiddie of Centenial, CO and Robert Inman of Evergreen, CO. came to fish for 4 days, the guys jumped 31 tarpon, boated 7, as well as 2 snook, 1 barracuda, 2 mackeral, 1 shark, and a jack. Repeat guest Jim Croner fished 2 days and jumped 12 tarpon, boated 3, and a 30 lb. barracuda. Very hot and sunny, sunscreen a must!

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 11, 2010
Brian Noreski and Gary Mellwig from Philadelphia, PA back on a return visit for 5 days fishing, jumped 22 tarpon, boated 4 and 1 jack and 1 barracuda. The tarpon ranged from 65 – 85 lbs. Nancy Stewart and Mitchell Morris visiting from Hattiesburg, MS for 2 days and for Mitchell’s first tarpon fishing trip. They jumped 3 tarpon and boated 1. The weather has been hot, humid, sunny. It may have rained one morning, but mostly the weather is typical summer days in the jungle. We’ve seen a lot more tarpon rolling, but not terribly interested in bitting.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 4, 2010
Frequent visitors Dr. Wally & Aurora Lebrun who enjoy the backwater fishing, had a successful visit, catching 3 jacks, 4 snook and 3 red snapper. Ed Praskirwicz from Escazu, Costa Rica fished for 3 days, and in those 3 days, he jumped 32 tarpon, boated 9, and 10 jacks. Jim Croner on a repeat visit, jumped 14 tarpon, and boated 2. Heber Simmons, Jr. and Heber Simmons, III from Madison, MS. On their very first father,son tarpon fishing trip, had what they described as the trip of a lifetime. They hooked 32 tarpon between 90 – 160 lbs. and brought 6 of those to the boat, as well as 3 nice jacks. David Ciaverie, and Baron Phillips of El Centro, CA fishing for only ½ day boated 1 jack. The skies have been clear blue, not a cloud to be seen. Tarpon like the sun!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 28, 2010
Slow fishing this week. William Messerley of Palm Coast, FL. Along with Jack Messerley of Cumming, GA fished 3 days. They only jumped 1 tarpon, and did not get that one to the boat, they then did some back water fishing and caught several mojaras. Chuck Hosey of Tempe, AZ and Bernard Lee of La Palma, CA had slow tarpon fishing as well, fishing for 5 days, these guys only jumped 1 tarpon, and were not able to bring that one to the boat. Dan Erb of Boca Grande, FL and Greg McBrayer of Deluth, GA fished 3 days, they jumped 2 tarpon and boated 1 snook. Charles and Lillian Giaccone of Pt. St. Lucie, FL, along with their son Greg of Palm City, FL had a little better luck later in the week. Fishing 2 days, they jumped 5 tarpon and boated 1. The weather this week has been a basket of everything. Rain, wind, flood, hot and steamy…

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