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Fishing Report

Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 20, 2018
Harry Kaufhold, 84 years young and Bruce Glover from Galveston, TX fished with us at Rio Colorado Lodge in the river mouth and on the ocean.. They jumped 20 tarpon and boated 4. The biggest 2 were 185 and 110 pounds. Shane Brown and Jeff Way from Wood and Lincoln, CA fishing 4 days also, jumped 32 tarpon bringing 9 to the boat for release. Their biggest 2 were 202 and 185 pounds. The weather has been very nice. Some showers at night. Fishing has been mostly on flat seas and in the mouth. No snook action but time is now. All boats have been catching lots of Jack Crevelle and we are getting some nice tripletail. Small mackerel are giving us hell biting and cutting the lines with their sharp teeth while fighting big tarpon letting them escape. We may have to switch to steel leader until the mackerel leave the area...they are quite a pest but taste great fried coated in yellow mustard and corn meal Cajun Style!! We are expecting the annual fat snook spawning run starting around Thanksgiving and going into late January. Our regulars know these fish come down the river during our annual November floods and bite as soon as the water starts to drop. They lay their eggs in the ocean and migrate back to the lake of Nicaragua. Lots of fun on hair jigs deep in river bumping baits off the bottom and on top water in the lagoons in the early morning and late afternoon. World record on these fat snook is under 11 pounds. Lots of 5 pounders are in the schools and they are great to eat.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 15, 2018
Brad Brown from Springville, Utah brought a group of 7 friends in for a fast 2 day trip before a business meeting in Costa Rica. Brad has held the record for the most tarpon caught by a single angler here at Rio Colorado Lodge. Now he has smashed our Lodge record for biggest tarpon landed with a monster 220 lb. The group jumped 35 tarpon and brought 7 to the boat for release in two days. In addition, they caught 11 jack crevelle and several mackerel and numerous catfish that became bait. Later this same week, repeat customer Chris Day along with his son George Day from Chicago brought along Albert J Mayer and J's son Teagan Mayer from Colorado for a fast father son fishing trip.... The guys had a great trip. They jumped 13 tarpon and brought 5 to the boat for release, those weighting 160, 130, 130 and 72. The last one was a monster, no weight estimate for it. The fathers and sons had a little private boat tournament with a wild card....automatic winner would be jumping a nice tarpon on the sabaki bait rig witnessed by all involved. The sons beat the dads!! Yes, they hooked a nice tarpon on the sabaki bait rig!!! The sons also caught 2 nice tripletails which were enjoyed for dinner, and some jack crevelle, catfish and a mackeral or two. Bring your dads back for another wild tourney, and all you fathers out there who haven't gone fishing with your sons in a while, are missing out. What a bonding/fun experience!! Rio Colorado Lodge would be happy to help you build the bond!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 12, 2018
We had seven anglers visit from Japan, some were repeat guest booked through the Big Trout LTD, on an annual visit. Yoshiujki Sakai, Hiroaki Okano, Ryochi Okura, Mahihiro Nakano, Kozo Ikejiri, Kotaro Tanikawa and Hayato Muramatsu. The weather was nice, with no rain and flat seas all days with a little chop in the afternoons. The group had a great trip and have already booked their space for October 2019! They jumped a total of 75 tarpon and brought 26 to the boat for release. Three fish over 200 lbs. were boated, the largest being 210 lbs. One Orvis 14 wt. fly rod was destroyed and one angler had his 200 pound leader broken by a fish he never saw which he claimed was a first for him fishing at camps all over the world, These guys were amazing hard core fishermen. They brought some beautiful Japanese hand painted lures each one a work of art, and also tied beautiful flies here on the spot,. All of the baits were works of art, and all the equipment amazing, new state of the art rods and reels. Some were 4 piece travel rods no bigger than a pencil in diameter that easily handled the big tarpon with no rod failures!! We had an fantastic time. They cam equipped with some delicious sauces and spices to put on the tripletail and other table fish we enjoyed during their visit.

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