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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 28, 2013
We had a film crew from Japan visit for a few days. They jumped 4 tarpon and brought 2 between 75 - 90 lbs. of those to the boat for release. Semenenco Serhij, and Yuriy Shulak from the Ukraine jumped 84 tarpon and brought 39 of those to the boat for release. The tarpon ranged from 100 - 200lbs!!! In addition, they caught 4 sharks. Maxim Korotkin and Alexey Chernysskov of Russia jumped 2 tarpon about 150 lbs. and brought one of those to the boat. They also caught a macarela, 1 shark, and 1 jack. The tarpon fishing continues to be hot, and the weather as well. Very little rainfull, and most of that during the night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 22, 2013
Another fly fishing angler from Austin, TX. Corey Bussard came for a quick visited. He hooked 6 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat for release. Corey's tarpon were both about 130 lbs. Gustavo Echeverri and family of Costa Rica jumped 9 tarpon, they were not able to get any to the boat for photos... Ralph Grisham of Daphne AL jumped 7 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat. His tarpon were between 110 - 140 lbs. The weather is a mix of sun and clouds, with the conditions continuing to be ideal.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 8, 2013
First time guest Miguel Bizzi from Argentina came to do some flyfishing. He jumped 7 tarpon on flies, and brought 2 of those to the boat. He also caught 2 jacks and 2 barracudas. A group of 6 anglers from Japan, Noriake Dobe, Mototoshi Aso, Yoshimoto Eiji, Sonamu Nishgaki, Mogi Yoichi and Atshshy Yagara enjoyed the tarpon fishing trip of their lives (to date). Between the 6 anglers, they hooked 91 tarpon of which they brought 12 to the boat, weighing 35 - 160 lbs. with the majority of them weighing from 130 - 160 lbs. They also caught 16 jacks, 1 shark, 2 bonito, 1 barracuda, 1 macarela and 1 sailfish. The weather and fishing continues to be fantastic with the calm oceans making flyfishing a much more successful adventure!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 2, 2013
What a great week for tarpon fishing!! Actually it has been a great couple of months. Rick Murphy and Howard Stringert from Colorado Sprigs, CO jumped 23 tarpon while fly fishing. They brought 10 to the boat for release. Tarpon were between 60 - 140 lbs. They also caught 5 jacks and 1 barracuda. Jerome Katz of New York, NY jumped 3 tarpon and brought 1 about 130 lbs. to the boat for release. He also caught 1 jack. Brad & Aaron Swingdorf of Inergrove, MN jumped 37 tarpon of which they brought 10 to the boat for release, and they caught 6 jacks. Charles & Jason Schwartz of Omaha Ne. and Joseph Jones of Lawson, MD together jumped 45 tarpon, 16 were brought to the boat for release. They also caught 5 jacks, and 1 barracuda. The ocean is calm, the weather just right with some refreshing rain in the late evenings.

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