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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 28, 2012
Guest Dr. Luis Lopez from Portugal on his 4th visit with us, jumped 51 tarpon bringing 32 weighing from 100 - 200lbs to the boat. He also caught a real nice 31 lb.triple tail which we all enjoyed for dinner that evening. Dr. Jose Andrade also of Portugal jumped 21 tarpon and brought 6 to the boat. His tarpon ranged in weight from 85 to 175 lbs. He also caught a really nice 48 lb. cubera snapper! We are experience nice typical fall weather with flat seas, and tarpon rolling just outside the mouth of the river. Some rain mostly at night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 21, 2012
The 3rd group from Brazil arrived this week, and fishing continued to be good. 15 anglers hooked 107 tarpon and brought 50 of those to the boat. The tarpon ranged in weight from 75 to 200 lbs. We were also honored to have as one of our guest this week the owner of Marine Sports, the largest tackle company in Brazil. Weather continues to go from overcast to sunny, with rain falling usually in the night and early morning.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 14, 2012
Brazilian TV star angler, Johnny Hoffman, hosted a second group this October. This group of 14 jumped 151 Tarpon, and brought 69 to the boat, one of which was 190lbs. Ken Wada of Japan jumped 12 Tarpon and brought 7 of those to the boat. He also caught a 48 lb. Cabera Snapper. The weather has been a mixed bag, sunny, overcast, rainy. Fortunately the majority of the rain has been during the nights.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 7, 2012
Rio Colorado Lodge hosted Johnny Hoffman and Kid Ocelos of Brazil's Fish TV. The host brough with him anglers Gilson Guermandi, Henrique Jungyeria, Maria Elena Maderia, Simmaco Arzillo, Pedro Duncan and Mauricio Ivama. We had some unexpected rain and cool weather, but in spite of being rained out one morning, the group jumped 56 Tarpon, and of those brought to the boat an impressive 26. Fish ranged in size from 40 - 160 lbs. We had a little over 5 inches, but again thankfully, most fell at night.

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