Costa Rica
Fishing Report

Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 31, 2010
Repeat guest Tim DonLevy jumped 11 tarpon and boated 7 in the range of 100 – 120lbs. He also a caught a barracuda. The ocean has been calm due to the very light breeze from the mountains. The weather summer sunshine!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 24, 2010
Don Stern and Larry Pokrywka of Littleton, CO fished 3 days. In those 3 days they jumped 38 tarpon, boated 7 and 1 jack. The tarpon ranged 120 – 130 lbs. Jesus Leal Garcia and Luis Gonzales Mancha of Mexico fished 2 days and jumped 8 tarpon. They brought 1 tarpon to the boat as well as 3 jacks. A short lived cool front gave us a couple of slow days fishing, but now it is back to being red hot fishing, and the weather is great!

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 17, 2010
Chihiro Kurozumi Takamatsu of Japan fished with us for 4 days. He jumped 14 tarpon and boated 5 nice size tarpon 70 – 120 lbs.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 10, 2010
The tarpon fishing as well as the weather continue to be fantastic. Luis Miguel Lopez of Portugal fished with us for 7 days. In those 7 days he jumped 66 tarpon, and boated 25. They ranged from 50 – 170 lbs. He also caught 3 jack. Marcus Muller of Spain fished 7 days and jumped 33 tarpon, boating 13, also in the 50 – 170 lb. range. Dr. Wally Lebrun fished 1 day and caught 1 barracuda. We expect the weather and fishing to continue to just be fantastic

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 3, 2010
We had a Japanese television crew filming for 3 days, in those 3 days they jumped 27 tarpon between 50 – 120 lbs. They brought 5 to the boat. Additionally they caught 1 baracuda, 3 mojarras, 1 sargents and 1 shark. Rick & Andy Carmack on Missouri fished 4 days. They jumped 66 tarpon big tarpon ranging from 110 – 190 lbs. They brought 14 of those to the boat, as well as 8 jacks, 1 shark, 15 bluegill and 2 sargents. Josh Miller fished 4 days and alone jumped 62 tarpon. He brought 15 tarpon to the boat, 6 jacks, 1 triple tail, 3 bluegills, and 1 snook. The weather has been just as fantastic as the fishing.

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