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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 30, 2012
Repeat customers Brian Noreski and Gary Mellwig of Philadelphia fished with us for 8 days. In those 8 days, they jumped 56 Tarpon from 70 - 200lbs, and of those 56 jumped, they brought 25 to the boat. They also caught a nice Jack Crevelle. We're experiencing overcast skies with some rain, but the rain now is mostly at night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 23, 2012
Gil Plummer & Greg Whalen of Southberry, CT along with Robert Kane of Houston, TX jumped 13 tarpon weighing between 80 - 100 lbs. At one point they had a triple hook up....really exciting! They brought 3 tarpon to the boat. Newcomer Howard Stringert of Colorado Springs, CO jumped 6 tarpon fly fishing, the tarpon were between 50 - 100 lbs. Repeat guest Phil Hoover of Naples, FL jumped 24 tarpon and brought 11 to the boat, plus 1 barracuda...for an 80+ year young guy, he says this was one of his best and most exhausting fishing trips!! Phil's tarpon ranged in weight 35 - 200 lbs.... Another repeat guest Rick Murphy of Colorado Springs, CO returned with another newcomer Tony Lau of Regina, Sask, Canada. The 2 fly fishing jumped 16 tarpon between 70 - 125 lbs. They brought 3 tarpon to the boat, along with a stingray! Another frequent guest Jim Croner did some fly fishing, and jumped 8 tarpon, boating 1. After a couple of weeks of unusual weather with quick storms, the weather has returned to typical September weather, sunny days, flat ocean and lots of schooling tarpon

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 15, 2012
A nice group of 10 anglers from Georgia and Pennsylvania visited us. During their visit we experienced more rain than normal for September, so they actually fished about 1 1/2 days. In that time they jumped 15 tarpon between 80 - 140 lbs. Additionally they caught 2 really nice snapper 20 & 35 lbs. So fish for dinner!! As previously mentioned we have experienced more rain than normal for September as it is usually a fantastic weather and fishing month. Hopefully we are getting back in our good weather pattern because the fishing is good.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 8, 2012
Dr. Wally LeBrun, a frequent guest of the Lodge, decided to do some tuna fishing. Unfortunately no success this trip, so no sushi! Another repeat guest, Ron Oswald, fished 2 days and jumped 18 tarpon, he boated 2 of those tarpon!

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