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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 27, 2011
Repeat customer Tim DonLevy of Indiana, and Mike Rankey , of Illinois visited for a day and a half of fishing. In the short period of 1 1/2 days fishing, they jumped 9 tarpon and boated 3. Mary Metcalf of Punta Gorda, FL, and Ruth Smith from the Bahamas visited for 3 days of fishing...Mary had the winning bid on the Ladies Let's Go Fishing Auction...the ladies jumped 8 tarpon, but boated none. The weather switched up and the fishing slowed for their visit.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 15, 2011
Repeat guest, Dr. Wally Lebrun fished 2 days and caught 4 Jacks, and 2 Barracuda. Other repeat guests, Bruce Bosch of Vancouver, and Rob Gagnon of Oregon visited for 6 days, they jumped 22 Tarpon, boated 7 and 1 Barracuda. The weather in Barra has been the best summer most residents can remember.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 6, 2011
The Rio Colorado Lodge hosted another group of anglers from Russia. The group of 11 anglers hooked 106 tarpon, and boated 25. They also caught several jacks, bonita, barracuda and tuna. The weather has been warm with beautiful sunny days.

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