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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 23, 2015
What a difference a couple of days makes. A group from Brazil fished April 18 - 21 and were able to jump 33 tarpon, they brought 11 tarpon to the boat for release. The ocean was still high, but anglers were able to get some reasonable fishing results! The weather is hot.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 20, 2015
Guest Dean Boen of San Francisco jumped 2 tarpon in 2 days, and was able to bring a 120lb. one to the boat for release. We had a film crew from the United Kingdom fish the same days and they were not able to hook one tarpon. Got a lot of nice footage, but no fish! Steven York and Beatrix fished during this same time, and had no luck catching tarpon either. Thomas Cramer of Marieta, GA and Scott Peeples of Canton, GA fished more days during this time period, and they were fortunate enough to jump 7 tarpon, but only were able to bring a 60 lb. fish to the boat. The tarpon were around, just not hungry for some reason. The ocean was high so most of the fishing was right at the mouth of back in the river.

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