Costa Rica
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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 25, 2010
Dave Nielson of Hailey, ID, Lawrence Zohn of Castle Rock, CO, David Dunwiddie of Centenial, CO and Robert Inman of Evergreen, CO. came to fish for 4 days, the guys jumped 31 tarpon, boated 7, as well as 2 snook, 1 barracuda, 2 mackeral, 1 shark, and a jack. Repeat guest Jim Croner fished 2 days and jumped 12 tarpon, boated 3, and a 30 lb. barracuda. Very hot and sunny, sunscreen a must!

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 11, 2010
Brian Noreski and Gary Mellwig from Philadelphia, PA back on a return visit for 5 days fishing, jumped 22 tarpon, boated 4 and 1 jack and 1 barracuda. The tarpon ranged from 65 – 85 lbs. Nancy Stewart and Mitchell Morris visiting from Hattiesburg, MS for 2 days and for Mitchell’s first tarpon fishing trip. They jumped 3 tarpon and boated 1. The weather has been hot, humid, sunny. It may have rained one morning, but mostly the weather is typical summer days in the jungle. We’ve seen a lot more tarpon rolling, but not terribly interested in bitting.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 4, 2010
Frequent visitors Dr. Wally & Aurora Lebrun who enjoy the backwater fishing, had a successful visit, catching 3 jacks, 4 snook and 3 red snapper. Ed Praskirwicz from Escazu, Costa Rica fished for 3 days, and in those 3 days, he jumped 32 tarpon, boated 9, and 10 jacks. Jim Croner on a repeat visit, jumped 14 tarpon, and boated 2. Heber Simmons, Jr. and Heber Simmons, III from Madison, MS. On their very first father,son tarpon fishing trip, had what they described as the trip of a lifetime. They hooked 32 tarpon between 90 – 160 lbs. and brought 6 of those to the boat, as well as 3 nice jacks. David Ciaverie, and Baron Phillips of El Centro, CA fishing for only ½ day boated 1 jack. The skies have been clear blue, not a cloud to be seen. Tarpon like the sun!!

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