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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 31, 2017
Guest Tommy Harper and Andy Warren of Tennessee jumped 27 tarpon from about 65 to 165 lbs. They double hooked and landed 6 tarpon, which of course were released for you to come and catch!! Guest Graeme Deighton of Quebec also had a good fishing experience, jumping 22 tarpon from 100 to about 130 lbs. FLY FISHING!! He brought 7 to the boat for release. He also caught 1 mackerel. The weather is beautiful summer conditions, with a calm ocean, nice temperature and slightly overcast skies. The tarpon seemed to be most hungry mid afternoon.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 25, 2017
What a small world. We had 2 separate bookings for guest from the UK, fishing the same days. Keith & Riva Elliott doing some fly fishing jumped one tarpon. Keith is the Editor for the Classic Angling Magazine in the UK. Hopefully at least he got some good shots, and stories to write about us since the weather continued to be poor, causing fishing to not be nearly as pleasant or successful. Max and Russell Brimelow, also from the UK fished the same 3 days, and were able to jump 3 tarpon. Unfortunately none of the tarpon jumped were brought to the boat for release. You've got to really set the hook hard to be successful in bringing a tarpon to the boat. Hopefully the weather has improved, and our next report will be full of big fish tales!! March is typically the beginning of really good tarpon fishing time.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 22, 2017
Many time repeat guests Rick Murphy from Colorado Springs, CO. visited again to do some fly fishing. Rick jumped 7 tarpon on fly, ranging from 75 to 140 lbs. Of those 7, he brought 2 to the boat for release. Fred and Carl Schneider of California visited during this same time. Carl was also a repeat guest from many, many years ago. In fact in 1987 Carl visited the Lodge and wrote a nice article which published back then. Carl and his son were also fly fishing, and did not have the same luck as Rick, but they jumped, boated and release a 130 lb. tarpon, as well as one jack. Carl says he'll be back again!! We hope it won't take him so long. The weather just took a turn the last afternoon these guys were here, and we got lots of rain, and the temperature dropped. A bit unusual for this time of year.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 3, 2017
We hosted a group of 10 anglers from Texas for a short 2 day visited. In addition to having just a great time, they saw many tarpon and caught some too, in spite of the fact they were not able to get out into the ocean. Mitchell Dziduch and Neil Hayes jumped 2 and brought one to the boat for release. Michael Abbott and William Schmidt jumped 1, Wesley Sims and Richard Stringer jumped 2, Jim Holmes and Stephan Mouton jumped 1, and Jared Bennett and Cody Sutton jumped 5 and brought 1 to the boat for release. The guys say they'll be back in September for another go at it!!

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