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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 28, 2016
David and Beverly Magers of Deerfield Beach, Fl. enjoyed a nice 2 day visit, and the staff enjoyed hosting them. They were able to jump 4 tarpon between 50 to 150 lbs, and brought 3 of those to the boat for release. Also visiting this week were Thomas and Grant Jacobson of Pymuth MN. They watched tarpon roll around them but were only able to jump 2. The food was delicious as always, the staff happy to accomodate, and beautiful weather for the Holy Week.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 23, 2016
Alan Cain and Brian Boyd from the great state of Texas had a productive fishing trip. They jumped 29 tarpon from about 70 to 110 lbs. 9 of those tarpon they brought to the boat for release. They also caught and released a barracude, plus 10 bulegills, 4 jacks, 1 machaca and 1 guavina. On a one day fishing trip, Sean and Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. Mikus from Costa Rica and Freeport, PA jumped 2 tarpon from 65 to 110 lbs. Young 9 year old Michael hooked and brought his 65lb. tarpon to the boat for release. Nothing more fun than a young man watching a large tarpon jump out of the water and being able to bring it to the boat. Well done!! The weather has been beautiful, warm summer fun days with the ocean being very coperative.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 13, 2016
Rio Colorado Lodge was fortunate enough to host a group of 24 folks from the Utah area. In addition to catching some local species, the group hooked 31 tarpon from about 50 5o 145 lbs. They brought 8 tarpon to the boat for release. They also enjoyed some delicious meals at the Lodge, and promises to return.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 5, 2016
Well, it is called fishing for a reason. Temple Fey of Hattiesburg, MS visited for a much anticipated fishing trip, and had a slow experience at best. He did not see one tarpon. Phil Wiliams and Bryan Chunyk of Calgary Canada had much the same experience. They did not see or jump a tarpon. TWO DAYS after the guests from Canada left, we have guest Rainer & Kirstin Vierthier of Germany arrive, they jumped 61 tarpon between 90 to 150 lbs, and brought 14 of those tarpon to the boat for release. One day, they had hooked so many by 9:30AM, they came back to the Lodge to rest up and get ready for the afternoon fishing! The weather and meals of course were good, but when you don't catch fish it can be a disappointment. The fish are back!!

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