Costa Rica
Fishing Report

Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 31, 2015
Repeat guest Brad Brown from Utah, brought a group of 21 anglers to the lodge for just 2 days fishing. in those 2 days, the total group jumped 140 tarpon and brought 69 to the boat for release. They also caught 13 jacks and some other species. Needless to say they had a great fishing experience. Shawn Creasey of Washington fished 3 days alone and jumped 13 tarpon bringing 9 of them to the boat for release. The tarpon caught this week ranged in weight from 25 - 190 lbs most all above 80 lbs. The weather has been good, and hot.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 24, 2015
Etienne Von Streng visited us from Switzerland with the anticipation of bringing tons of tarpon to the boat. Unfortunately a bit of distant volcano action caused the fish to travel far out to sea, so Etienne was only able to jump 13 tarpon, and unable to actually bring any of those to the boat. The weather was really good, with sunshine days, and warm evenings, with the exception on one night of heavy rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 16, 2015
Guests Tim Wintrode and Walt Bostain on a repeat visit found the fishing to be a challenge. The tarpon rolled all around the boat, but were not taking the bait. They left without boating any tarpon, but enjoyed really good weather. Then Jim & Lynn Adkins came in on the day Tim and Walt left. Jim & Lynn were able to jump and bring 2 tarpon to the boat for release. They too enjoyed good weather, and they caught fish!

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