Costa Rica
Fishing Report

Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 25, 2013
Alan Jacobson of Ketchikan, AL jumped one tarpon during his visit with us. Jerry & Catherine Weing of Bilton, MO jumped 6 tarpon of which they brought 1 to the boat to release, the tarpon ranged from 70 - 90 lbs. In addition, they caught 7 jacks. Their friends Don & Rita Taylor of St. John, KS jumped 25 tarpon, brought 2 to the boat for release, and also caught 3 jacks. Their tarpon ranged from 90 - 150 lbs. Edward & Heather Marshal of Quesnel, BC jumped 11 tarpon in the 80 - 130 lbs. range. They brought 4 to the boat for release. They also caught 3 snook, 2 bluegill, and 1 machaca. Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora jumped 9 tarpon, they caught 2 barracuda, 3 jack, and 1 nice wahoo...see the photo of the wahoo on the gallery site. AND THE RECORD HOLDER FOR MOST TARPON JUMPED IN ONE DAY AT RIO COLORADO LODGE....Bradford Brown of Springville, UT jumped a total of 58 tarpon between 60 - 180 lbs. He jumped 42 of those and brought 12 to the boat in ONE day. His total brought to the boat and released was 18!! Way to Go Brad!! He also caught 2 jacks and 1 barracuda. The weather is very good! Maybe a good time to get out of the winter that is still active in the United States!!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 12, 2013
We had a group of Japanese fly in for 7 hours of fishing, which just wasn't enough time for them to all hook a tarpon, they did catch 1 jack. Tom Kirkman and Ellen Dryke of Sequim, WA also experienced a slow day and a half of fishing. James & Caroline Goadhart of Sammamish, WA came for some fly fishing for tarpon and managed to jump one! They also caught 3 bluegill and 2 snook. The fishing had picked up since earlier in the week when the other anglers had little success. Still come cloudy mornings, then sunshine and hot afternoons, with colorful sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 3, 2013
Tom Brown of Roswell, GA., Jay Burwinkel of Allison Park, PA., Tom O'Malley of Athens GA, Duke Allyn, of Mento OH, Joe Bliss of Hinckley OH, and Kent Brockman of Milford, OH came for a quick one day fishing trip and jumped 4 tarpon, and caught 1 jack. Repeat guests Don Rutherford and Philip Putnam of Longmont, CO jumped 9 tarpon between 90 - 160 lbs. They brought 3 of those 9 to the boat for release, and also caught 1 jack. The weather has been a little cloude in the mornings, then warms up in the afternoon, with just few brief rain showers.

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